Saturday, 16 November 2013

Android remote for camera servos

Here is my first step in the Android world...

The app sends yaw/pitch angles as UDP packets to a remote computer that controls two servos (via a Pololu Maestro module).

In fact the remote computer runs the exact same code I used for my Raspberry-Pi-WiFi-Quadcopter. Indeed, the packets I send also contain throttle, rudder, elevators and ailerons controls (all set to 0 here). So in theory, I could just add 4 sliders to the app and it could fly the quadcopter :) but that wouldn't be very practical or safe!. It'd be better to use virtual joysticks (touchscreen-based), or maybe sensors like the gyro.

There are still a few things I need to improve in the code (like a loop that sends the packets regularly instead of in response to UI events only), but this is already a good starting point...

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