Friday, 21 February 2014

Video latency investigation Part 2

In a previous article I investigated the latency of different video capture and display systems. Wireless video transmission was left aside at that time.

Since then, I got my hands a brand new RC video transmission kit and also a very old CRT TV...

Portable CRT TV
(composite input)
TS832 and RC832
5.8GHz AV Transmitter & Receiver

I (re)did some of the tests on the LCD TV I used in the previous article, just to check the reproductibility of previous measures. Unfortunately its composite input died when I started the tests, so I switched to the SCART input using an adapter.

Here are the results:
Setup Average
latency in ms
(4 measures)
Sony CCD + LCD TV (composite) (same test as prev. article) 41
Sony CCD + LCD TV (SCART) 31
Sony CCD + AV Transmission + LCD TV (SCART) 31
Sony CCD + CRT TV 15

Some more conclusions:

  • The latency induced by a CRT display is inredibly small!
  • The 5.8Ghz AV transmission kit doesn't add any measurable latency to the system
  • Weirdly enough (at least on this particular LCD TV), the latency decreases by about 10ms when using the SCART input instead of the composite one.

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