Sunday, 31 March 2013

Using a Raspberry PI + Wifi as transmission for a tricopter

I finally completed my little challenge of replacing the standard 2.4Ghz RC transmission system of my tricopter with a home-made wifi-based system. This is completely overkill and useless but it was pretty amusing to put in place! By the way, that's the exact opposite of what some people have done to their parrot drone transmission!

Here are a few diagrams to illustrate what I've done (I like diagrams!). The following is a block diagram of the "standard" tricopter:

And here is the same thing with the new "transmission" block:

Concretely, I've basically replaced these simple and effective pieces of equipment:

With this (on the transmitting end):

And this (on the receiving end):

Funnily enough, it's possible to connect an RC-transmitter to the laptop via USB. It will be perceived as a gaming device... Yes I realize how silly it all is :) !

Strapping all this on the tricopter was a bit lousy (the USB cable takes so much space and weight!)

But here's a successful 5-second test flight :)

The overall control felt a bit sluggish... It might be the extra weight or more likely the whole system introduces latency. Anyway I need to make some more tests!