Thursday, 3 October 2013

Getting closer to FPV!

The standard waterproof GoPro case is very nice but it's quite heavy (about 105 grammes with the mount at the base) and you can't use the live video output cable at the same time. Nonetheless, I tried to attached it to the tricopter just to see how it'd fit...

In this configuration it would work fine for taking videos but it wouldn't be possible to fly FPV. So I designed an alternative casing out of foam (the kind used to protect things in transport boxes). Pretty crude but it does the job...

I'll try to come up with a safer way of fixing the camera to the tricopter, something less rubber-bandy! I couldn't resist doing a quick flight test (in my living room. Don't try this at home!). It's looking quite promising: there doesn't seem to be much vibrations.

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